How to Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island

From Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island Malaysia

Although, less recognized than any of the other islands of Malaysia, Pangkor is a great local resort with some of the Malaysia’s best beaches, which is often very crowded on weekends and public holidays. Pangkor is a home to some very genuine fishing villages of Malaysia that have barely evolved in last 50 years, has Malaysia’s best seafood and beautiful and tranquil beaches.

Getting from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island

Since past one decade, the Malaysian Ministry of tourism has spent a borrowed loan of RM50 million on this sleepy Island to make it more appealing to the tourists and so that tourists can access to this beautiful Island easily through ferries. However, there are various ways to get from Kuala Lampur to Pangkor Island. You can easily reach your destination by using any of your preferred transportation from the discussed below ones:

• By Car:

You can easily to get to your desired destination with the help of a car. From Kuala Lampur to Pangkor Island, you will have to head to Batu Gajah and stay along route 5 until you get to Sitiawan. From there follow route 18 to get to Lumut. To get to Lumut from route 18, simply follow the sign boards all along. This entire journey by Car from Kuala Lampur to Pulau Pangkor takes around 3 hours.

On reaching Lumut, you will have to park your car which may cost you RM5 for a day. The ticket to open for parking can be purchased at the shops that are located in Jalan Idris Shah in Lumut. However, there is a car parking area opposite to Pangkor Laut Resort. They may charge you RM8 per day. Please keep in mind that there are charged parking and hence, you have to pay, before you leave your car there. There are no Public Bus services that will take you to Marina.

• Through Water:

There are ferries in Lumut that leave for Pangkor Island every half an hour and charges RM6 as a one way ticket per person. But for those who have booked the Pangkor Resort may be boarded on their own particular ferry, which are actually privately run by the resort authorities and hence, they don’t have to pay extra fair for this.

On Pangkor Island, there are two ferry stops, the first one at Sungai Pulai, and the second at Pangkor Town jetty. At the first stop you will mainly find fishermen, local people, guesthouses etc. while there are buildings and shops near the second stop.

• By Air:

There are alternate routes of getting from Kuala Lampur to Pangkor Island by air. You may either fly from Kuala Lampur to Ipoh, or from Kuala Lampur to Singapore through Firefly Airlines, from there you can easily get to Lumut in about one and a half hours from Ipoh. If you wish to opt for an even shorter journey, you may fly directly to Penang from Kuala Lumpur, from where you can easily travel to Lumut by road.

Now, with a Berjaya Air’s new schedule of operating flights between Pangkor and Kuala Lampur three times in a week has made it even easier for the tourists. These flights depart every Sunday, Friday and Wednesday.

Hence, there is no means of transportation that can help you reach Pangkor Island directly. No matter, which mode of travelling you choose from Kuala Lumpur, you will connect with different routes, even if coming by air. Once you’re in Pangkor, follow these best things to do in Pangkor Island to make most of your trip.

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