Tiger Rock – The Travel Award Winner Place on Pangkor Island

Tiger Rock Pangkor Island Malaysia

Tiger Rock is one of the most attention-grabbing spots of the Pangkor Island. It is sited nearby the historical Dutch Fort and is roughly 15 minutes cruise from Pangkor Town. It is also well-known as “Batu Bersurat” which factually means “Sacred Written Rock”. It is an outsized stone measuring 10.7 meters lengthwise and 4.6meters wide along with the height of 4.3 meters.

The enormous boulder is of immense historical importance and is shielded beneath a vast porch, intentionally erected to safeguard the rock against environmental uncertainties such as the acid rains. A lot of sightseers and tourists are appealed by this rock and become interested and curious about its past after a preview of it.

Overview of Tiger Rock in Detail

The rock demonstrates a carved sculpture of a tiger slaying a small kid. There are dissimilar series of stories and theories enlightening diverse purposes of this engraving. Yet, the tiger rock is a mystery itself and none really knows who did the engraving over this boulder. According to the natives, they consider that the tiger rock is a living stone and it develops and grows dimensionally with every year that passes.


According to the natives, the sculpture had been carved by the Dutch in the memory of Dutch Dignitary’s son. They refer back to an event during the sovereignty of Sultan Muzaffar Syah III in 1743, when the Dignitary’s son vanished while playing near the stone. According to justification of another strange incident in 1743, the child had been hijacked and assassinated by the Bugis and Malays, to retaliate the torments of the natives by the cruelty and brutality of the Dutch aggressors. However, when the Dutch militaries were inspecting and searching for the boy, the locals devised a legend that they witnessed the boy being whipped by a tiger.

Tiger Rock

Though, other inhabitants of Pangkor Island assumed that the boy had been abducted by the hopeless Malay combatants who desired for Pangkor to be independent of the Dutch forces. The interpretation of this occurrence impelled the soldiers to carve this illustration, expressing the Malays as the tiger and this is the purpose why this boulder is called Tiger Rock in the present day.

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In addition to the engraved illustrations, there are several letters, symbols and digits sculpted on the stone such as “VOC” which is the Dutch signature and stands for “Vereenigde Oost-Indische Companie” meaning the Dutch East India Company. Besides, there are two leaves carved with the letters “If Carlo 1743” imprinted on them. There are several other letters carved such as ‘IK’, ‘R.O’, ‘BVH’, ‘PVL’, ‘VM’, ‘PP’ and ‘MA’ which are most allegedly the first alphabets of the names of the individuals who sculpted in this stone.

Besides the secrecies of this rock, some state that there is a treasure concealed in a burrow of undisclosed caves behind the Dutch fort and they believe that the Dutch veiled this wealth. So far, only two ancient coins were only found. The engraving on the rock permanently obliges as a memorial of the thought-provoking and remarkable past of Pulau Pangkor.


The Tiger Rock offers different accommodation options to its visitors. Read on to know about them:

• Main House and Studio

There are 3 houses that the visitors can take on rent for their private use. The Main House has its very own living and dining areas, which are shared by the Studio too. You shall find a shared big library down the Main House. There is a pool in the Pool House, from where you can enjoy the view of jungle and bamboo.

When all the houses are occupied then the Pool House serves as the central dinning spot as well as the meeting place of Tiger Rock. This place looks highly fascinating when there are candles lightened up at the time of barbeques and seafood dinners.

• Hill House

Hill House is located at a walking distance from the Pool House. It is a fascinating and cool place to hang out all day. You shall find yourself in between the big green trees and palms along with the beautiful sea across. The Hill House is built in colonial tea estate bungalow style, comprising of four big private suites, having proper bathrooms and verandas. The rooms have proper fans and air conditions fitted, along with a Wi-Fi connection.

Tiger Rock

• Pool House Chalet

This chalet is found on the side of main pool, having beautiful rooms through which you can view the green jungle. It has been constructed with wooden French doors along with a veranda. This chalet is ideal for those who cannot climb up and down the slopes, as it is built near to the pool and dining areas. However, this chalet does not have a proper bathroom except a shower. Read more about Chalets in Pangkor Island.

Recreational Areas

It has also constructed special recreational activities, where their guests can spend their leisure time, either alone or with family and friends.

• Library Pavilion

Just down the Main House, you shall find the Library Pavilion. There are a number of books available for the guests to read. There are full length doors that open into the green jungle, offering breathtaking views. Also, it is an ideal place to have cocktails or relax in afternoon.

You can play here board games, dance or listen to music, as this place is ideal for spending your leisure time. Furthermore, SAT TV has been set up in there, so you can watch news, movies and sports.

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• Pool House

The heart of this place is the Pool House, where the guests are welcomed and also, meals are served here. During the day time, it is a perfect place to hang out beside the breath taking views of blue pool and green jungle, which are really fascinating. This pool is side is a bit changed at night, as it is then made to serve dinner.

If you are coming to Pangkor Island, then you must for sure visit this place to have a completely unique experience. This place has won four travel awards up till now, which definitely makes it a must-visit place.

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