Best Pangkor Island Attractions for Tourists to Enjoy

Pangkor Island Attractions for Tourists

Pulao Pangkor has a very rich and interesting culture, although it is not a very famous place. Its history slides us back to the earliest times when the period wasn’t so passive. The place holds many remarkable temples and thought-provoking prehistoric ruins along with many fascinating beaches. It is considered as an ideal tourist spot along with Pangkor Island attractions.

Must Visit Pangkor Island Attractions

Following are some of the most-visited and amazing Pangkor Island attractions. Explore them and have a virtual tour of the best tourist attractions here:

Temples in Pangkor Island

Foo Lin Kong Temple

Foo Lin Kong Temple

Foo Lin Kong is an eye-catching Taoist temple, built at the base of Pangkor hill, encircled by decorative gardens and fishponds. Its fashionable structure makes it distinct from further areas on the island. It has been designed with stones and rocks in a very natural manner. On the roof are carved the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac and there is a miniature form of the Great Wall of China behind the temple. There is an adequate amount of turtles and fish in the ponds around the temple that add to its scenic splendor.

Moreover the temple administrator owns plenty of pet monkeys confined in several unclean and small cages. However, they seem to be unhappy and not very healthy. People from all over the world visit this temple and hence, it is categorized as one of the most preferred Pangkor Island attractions.

Dutch Fort Kota Belanda, Pangkor

Dutch Fort (Kota Belanda)

This fort is sited about three kilometers south of Pangkor Town at Teluk Gudrang and was structured in 1670, one of the ancient Pangkor Island attractions. It lays evidence to long-reigning Rule from Netherlands in the ancient eras. The fort has been a victim to unceasing outbreaks by the native warrior leaders who enforced the Europeans to give up their grip.

In present-day, the abode endures more similarity to a storeroom than a military protection and there are only three genuine walls remaining. Conversely the National Museum has initiated a renovation scheme to preserve the leftovers.

Tiger Rock

Tiger Rock (Batu Bersurat)

The Tiger Rock is one of the historic Pangkor Island attractions, which is about 15 minutes’ drive from the Pangkor town and is not very distant from the Dutch fort. It is an enormous stonework and measures nearly 5 by 10 meters. It demonstrates an engraving of a tiger which is alleged to have slain the kid of an officer from the Dutch marine.

According to one baleful account of occasions, a Dutch VIP’s child had been hijacked and executed by the Malays and Bugis in 1743, to avenge the miseries of the natives by the cruelty of the invaders. Consequently the residents devised a tale that the child was rushed by the tiger which impelled the dedicatory label. Furthermore, there are two curved shrubberies imprinted with the caption “If Carlo 1743” and “VOC”, denoting to the Dutch East India Company.

Kali Amman Temple Pangkor Island

Kali Amman Temple

Kaliaman Pulao temple is in Sungai Pinang Kecil. It is a Hindu temple and lays immense importance to the Indian believers as it is the only place of worship for them on the island. More significantly, it is one of only two in Malaysia with a shrine of the goddess Kali fronting the sea. Before entering the sanctuary for worship, the disciples can perform cleansing “Pujas” through the footsteps organized down the water.
The temple is of keen interest to the natives too, as it forms the stage of the native community’s Yearly Thaipusam festival.

Beaches pangkor island
Photo Credit: Anders Mohlin

Pangkor Island Beach

Normally the villages are situated to the east of the island while the Pangkor Island beaches and tourist lodging are located to the west. The Beaches are rich of picturesque splendors and aquatic life and hence, beaches are the most visited Pangkor Island attractions.

Coral Beach Pangkor Island
Photo Credit: Anders Mohlin

1. Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach

Teluk Nipah is found to the north of Pantaj Pasir Bogak. It is a stage on the serene coral beach and the most charming sight of shoreline on Pankor Teluk Nipah, It has crystal pure waters packed with aquatic existence and is a brilliant region for fishing and swimming. There is a coral island and a plantation behind the shoreline which is a household to hornbills.

Pantai Pasir Bogak Pangkor Island

2. Pantai Pasir Bogak

It is perhaps the most famous Pangkor Island beach because most of the amenities are obtainable here. It is only several kilometers from Pangkor Town on the west. There are adequate camping sites and sufficient accommodation conveniences such as luxury hotels, villas and lodges. Seafood, Grilled fish and noodle dishes are the specialties served by the food-stalls. Water sports such as jet-skiing, swimming or sea kayaking can be simply organized from the hawkers.

Teluk Ketapang Pangkor Island

3. Teluk Ketapang

Teluk Ketapang is spotted between Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak. There is no lodging here and it remains undervalued as the natives and visitors seldom gait here. It is a striking beach and the boatmen here tend to organize fishing or swimming expeditions at small docks.

4. Pantai Puteri Dewi

This beach is positioned additional north of Teluk Nipah. Adjacent to the Pangkor’s minor airport. It has enough coral for swimming and the sand is beautiful. Unfortunately, access to this site is limited to only those who are residing at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort where they could lease kit.

5. Teluk Segadas

Teluk Segadas is a very infamous beach with still emerald-green aquatic scenery and a beautiful expanse of sand. Commonly there are no services vacant, such as salespersons or shops, so tourists have to be vigilant about carrying sufficient water and goods with them. This location encompasses a 15 minutes’ tread in the jungle trailed by a route above the hills from Teluk Gedung.

Temples and Pangkor Island beaches are the most prominent attractions. The beauty of the nature plus the above discussed places, have made this island highly preferred by tourists, who come here from all over the world.

If you want to recommend a tourist attraction in Pangkor Island, please add comments below. For those traveling across Malaysia, we have listed tourist attractions in other popular destinations:

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