Guide to Pangkor Island International Airport in Malaysia

Pangkor Island Airport

Pangkor Island Airport – Reach Your Favorite Destination at Ease With its popular fishing settlements and resorts, Pangkor is a captivating and suitable holiday terminus. It gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy the fine beaches, the best seafood and longstanding villages. There are numerous interesting attractions that never let the tourists get bored on their vacation. Tourists come here from all over the world and land here on the Pangkor Island airport. Though, hardly there are directly flights coming to this island, but the connecting flights yet provide visitors the ease to reach here.

Overview of Pangkor Island Airport

Pangkor Island, by the virtue of the Malaysian Government’s efforts over the past decade, is easily accessed by various means. Among these modes of transport are by air, by water and by car. However, those who choose to travel to Pangkor by air arrive at the popular STOL Pangkor Island Airport. The Pangkor STOL airport is situated in Pangkor Island, off the coast of Perak. For now this Airport only serves the flights operated by Berjaya Air. Designed to accommodate smaller aircrafts, usually those used for tourism or tourists flying into Pulau Pangkor. The airport’s ICAO code is WMPA and IATA code is PKG.

This Short take-off and Landing Airport operates or provides services to only one destination by one airline. This is only route followed by Pangkor STOL airport is From Subang to Pangkor to Subang and the only airline that it operates is Berjaya Air.

The STOL port is basically built to entertain travelling modes for the tourists or to accommodate the passenger as per their needs to get to some remote area, so as to ensure them with a connection to other towns. Malaysia’s first STOL port was built in the States of Sarawak and Sabah for their dense and hilly terrain.

Pangkor Island International airport is owned by the Government of Malaysia and is operated basically by the Malaysia Airports Berhad. This airport serves Malaysia, Perak and Pangkor only. As per the statistics recorded for 10 years from 2003-21012, a major drastic increase was observed in the number of passengers and aircraft movements. In 2012, the passengers were 4,068 and thus, the increase recorded was 643.7%. Aircraft movements in 2012 were 324 and the increase recorded was 912.5%. The length of runways of Pangkor airport is 792m and 2,598 ft. with a Semi-Grout surface.

The visitors, who get to the Pangkor from Lumut in the boat or the jetty, get a chance to see the scattered fishermen on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik. Apart from Pangkor’s tranquil beaches, tourists also come here to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling apart from fishing in the beautiful beaches of this island. Moreover, the Egg laying turtles and the revitalizing resorts on the island are worth staying in.

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