Foo Lin Kong Temple – An Exclusive Chinese Temple

Foo Lin Kong Temple Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pulau Pangkor is situated across the shore of Perak in Malaysia. It is about 90 km southwest of Ipoh town. Pulau Pangkor has very ironic and motivating culture. Its history redirects us back to the early times of Pirates and fisherman who had seek shelter here. Although it is still occupied by fishermen, who have taken refuge in dispersed fishing villages beside the eastern coastline. Pangkor, however, is a forested island and has some of the most pleasant beaches. It is a home to countless species of reptiles, amphibians and caecilians.

Apart from its appealing natural exquisiteness, Pangkor Island is a home to many tourist attraction sites that has always fascinated the tourists who visit the Island in countless numbers from all over the world. From temples and other heritage sites and eateries to shopping, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Pangkor Island.

Foo Lin Kong Temple

Overview of Foo Lin Kong Temple

The Foo Lin Kong Temple is a thought-grabbing and fascinating Taoist Temple in Pangkor Island. It is of immense importance to Chinese Taoism worshippers who visit and worship here to get the benedictions of god. The temple doesn’t only attract Chinese believers, but the foreign tourists and vacationers too who desire to visit this temple because of its motivating history and scenic beauty. It is believed to be the biggest Chinese temple across Malaysia. However, the local fishermen view the temple as a symbol of their luck. They visit this Temple, pray there and return with the hope of having a good catch of fish.

• Interior and Exterior

The Foo Lin Kong Temple has been structured with rocks and stones in the village of Sungai Pinang Besar, at the foothills of Pangkor and is surrounded by embellishing gardens and eye-catching ponds. It is designed and fashioned as if it has been built by nature. There are twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac carved on the roof and there are plenty of fish and turtles in the surrounding ponds which further enhance the temple’s picturesque fascination. Besides, there are few attention-grabbing Buddhist statues and sculptures inside the temple.

• Attractions

In addition, there is a miniature form of The Great Wall Of China behind the Temple, which attracts the locals who admire the training by jogging up and down the hill beside the little Great Wall of China. This site mainly attracts children and appeals photographers who desire to catch this sight into their camera.

Furthermore, the temple administrator has several fierce-looking monkeys trapped in quite a few unhygienic and minor cages. They are a platform of attraction for children, but the monkeys seem to look quite ill-fated and annoyed.

• Entry Charges

The admission to the temple is totally free of cost and there is a facility of free parking outside the Temple, where the believers and vacationers could park their carriages. So, when you are on a trip to Pangkor Island, don’t forget to visit Foo Lin Kong Temple, which is a true picture of creativity and sophisticated art work. You will for sure have a great time.


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