Ferry to Pangkor Island Malaysia – A Fun-Filled Journey

Ferry to Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island is one of the most exotic places of Malaysia, having the best tranquil beaches and temples. It is considered an ideal tourist destination by many, especially by the newly-weds, who recommend others as well to visit this island. It is also famous for its best seafood and the oldest surviving villages that have hardly evolved over the passage of 50 years.

How to Complete Your Journey through Ferry to Pangkor Island?

The Malaysian government, keeping in view the growing popularity and reach of tourist of Pangkor Island, has taken certain measures to ensure that people can travel to this place, without any hassle. Being one of the biggest tourist destinations now, the influx of tourists in Pangkor Island over the years has only been augmented.

Tourists can easily access Pangkor Island by various means. By air, they can directly fly from Subang Terminal with Berjaya Airlines. If not by air, you can also get through ferry to Pangkor Island. The interested tourists can get to the ferry through two jetties. The Lumut jetty and the Marina jetty. Read on to know more details:

• The Lumut Jetty:

You can easily travel through Ferry to Pangkor Island, as there are numerous ferries in Lumut that leave for Pangkor Island. The Lumut Jetty is situated right at the heart of Lumut Town. All those visitors coming to Lumut by car will find no problem in parking their cars since there are, from open space to Multistory, huge parking bays for all the arriving tourists. Although they charge you for parking your car as per day. From shopping bazaars to eateries and accommodations – you will find everything here in Lumut.

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The ferries at Lumut jetty depart regularly, in fact, every half an hour, to Pangkor Island and their one way ticket costs RM5 for one person. RM10 is the ticket price for the return. Going to Pangkor from Lumut on a boat or ferry takes 35 to 40 minutes. The very first ferry from Lumut Jetty departs at as early as 7:00am and 8:30 pm the last one to depart.

However the first departure from Pangkor to Lumut jetty is 6:30 am in the morning and the last one is 8:30 pm. These ferries and boats departing from Lumut jetty arrive at two major stops in Pangkor Island. One is the SPK jetty and the other is Pangkor jetty in Pangkor Town. At the SPK jetty, you will mainly see guest houses, local people and fishermen, while at the second ferry stop there are buildings and shops. The Second stop is closer to the commercial areas of Pangkor Island and to the beaches on the west coast of the Pulau Pangkor.

Marina Island Jetty
Photo Credit:Phalinn Ooi

Situated near Jalan Setiawan’s, towards the coast is Mariana Island. You can now reach the Pangkor Island through Marina Island jetty. There is a lot of car parking space for visitors arriving in Marina Island by car. Similarly, you will find all the facilities around the Marina jetty – from eateries and  accommodations to well-kept washrooms and shopping areas. The ticket to get to Pangkor Island from Marina jetty per person is RM10 per year.

It will take a total of 10 minutes for you to get through Ferry to Pangkor Island. Boat road is more preferable for those who are prone to motion sickness or those with children and kids. The ferry from marina jetty departs every half an hour. The first departure from Marina Jetty is at 7.15 am and the last one is 8:00pm. The boat also has the facility to carry any huge luggage that you might have on you. Bicycle or motorbike can also be transported.
Hopefully the above discussed details will assist you in moving to Pangkor Island without any hassle. If you have never tried travelling via ferry, then this could be an exciting ride for you.

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