Best 10 Things to do in Pangkor Island Malaysia

things to do in pangkor island Malaysia

Malaysia is unquestionably one of the best and most affordable destinations, which is worth visiting to create memories that will be cherished for life. If you go through a list of all the places you can go to in Malaysia, you will definitely come across this beautiful island which goes by the name of Pangkor. It is situated next to the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula in Perak and lies halfway in between Penang and Kuala Lampur, which is just 100 km west of Ipoh. You shall not get bored, as there are a number of exciting things to do in Pangkor Island on your holidays.

In order to reach this fantastic isle you can easily grab a ferry from Lumut and arrive in approximately 35 minutes. Pangkor Island is one of the most renowned islands of Malaysia which is claimed to be the perfect honeymoon destination, offering a number of best things to do in Pangkor Island and it is bound to leave you enthralled as a couple. The place is filled with attractions and recreational activities so if you are planning the perfect honeymoon trip with your loved one then this miraculous place will not let you down.

Things to do in Pangkor Island on your Vacation

This destination has the perfect combination of relaxation and recreation both as it offers a wide array of things to do and sights to enjoy. More importantly, Pangkor Island is not only liked by the tourists but by the locals as well and they often come here to spend a week or two for recreational purposes.

You will possibly fall short of time because of the numerous things to do in Pangkor Island. Below we will list the top 10 things you must definitely benefit from during your trip to Pangkor Island.

Beaches pangkor island
Photo Credit: Anders Mohlin

1. Take a stroll on the Fantastic Beaches

The Nipah Beach and Coral Beach are two of the most serene beaches found here at Pangkor Island that will surely take your breath away. As a newly-wed couple you must surely head down to these beaches to witness a blissful sight because if you don’t then your trip would be a complete waste. The cool breeze and the clear weather will make you go through an experience which you will cherish all your life.

It is a must-watch sight especially for the newly-weds or people who are deeply in love as the romantic atmosphere is bound to calm down every single nerve in your body and will enable you to enjoy the magical moment with your loved one. Night time makes swimming a lot more fun as you will witness glowing blue planktons underneath you as your swim your way across the waves. The sight in itself is so mesmerizing that it will leave you entirely captivated. Thus, for couples as well as for everyone it is one of the must things to do in Pangkor Island.

snorkeling in pangkor
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2. Prepare to go Snorkeling

Not very far away Nipah Beach is situated a handful of stalls from where you can acquire snorkeling equipment. There are a number of small isles located on Pangkor isle where you can enjoy a nice day out snorkeling amidst the beautiful corals and sea cucumbers. The sight is really pleasing to the eye and the experience is even more fascinating.

Try to make the most of your trip by heading out to Giam and Mentagor islets for a perfect snorkeling trip, the most recommended things to do in Pangkor Island, because you definitely don’t want to waste all your time simply lazing around under the sun. You can avail the snorkeling package at quite a feasible price and explore the magnificent underwater world of Pangkor Island. Get a chance to behold a sight of the most exquisite species of fishes and scintillating coral reefs as you hold hands with your lover and swim across the underwater world.

watersport activities in pangkor
Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

3. Go Young and Wild

You will be delighted to know the number of watersport activities that have been designed for you and your family on this beautiful island. Whether you are a newly married couple of two or a family of four, Pangkor Islands has a wide range of activities that lets everyone participate. If you are the daring sort of person then you will be thrilled to access an assortment of watersports around here. From Jet-skiing to banana boat rides to parasailing to kayaking, this place is loaded with excitement. For sure it is one of the more amazing things to do in Pangkor Island.

It is quite easy to get to Giam and Mentagor islets through the help of watersport providers as it is just a short distance away from Pangkor Island. Enjoy a wonderful night out barbequing on the warm sandy shores, with a campfire lit nearby accompanied with the soft strumming of a guitar. With the surroundings of the lashing waves and moonlit sky, you certainly cannot think of a better way to spend the night.

Foo Lin Kong Temple

4. Explore the Mystic Temples

Towards the end of the Pangkor hill near the town of Sungai Pinang Besar you will come across the beautiful Fu Lin Kong Temple that has been constructed in a Taoist style. As the name suggests, this is a one of the most renowned Chinese temple in Pangkor Island and is almost always occupied by people. You will encounter a tiny depiction of the Great Wall of China along with some astounding rock paintings which looks quite charming. The temple is nice and pleasant so you must surely come here to explore the spiritual life and to get some peace of mind.

Pangkor Island is chiefly a Chinese Island so you can explore multiple Chinese temples. Another temple which goes by the name of Lin Ye Kong Temple is located near Teluk Nipah at Coral Bay’s edge must definitely be examined. This temple lets you get a hint of the Chinese folklore through the legendary statues and heroes. Then there is the Kali Amman temple which is a Hindu temple with the shrine of Kali Goddess at its entrance.

Take note that you must be thoroughly purified before entering this particular temple otherwise the locals will treat it as a bad omen. The best time to visit Kali Amman Temple is during the two Hindu festivals Deepavali and Thaipusam as this is when it truly comes to life.

jungle tracking in pangkor
Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

5. Jungle Trekking

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to kill the boredom by going out for a hike into the wonderful forestry? The adventure lovers will be thrilled to know that Pangkor Island consists of a jungle trek situated uphill, not very far away so you can go hiking for a span of one or two hours. You can enjoy light trekking across the island at the Pangkor Hill Trek which is one of the best jungle treks found there. Starting at the Bogak beach, this jungle trek will take you all round to Sungai Pinang Kecil towards the east and last for an hour or two.

In between the trail from Pasir Bogak to Sungai Pinang Kecil you can also trek to Tortoise Hill and catch a picturesque view of the Tortoise Bay. At the entrance you will be enthralled to witness a beautiful cascade along with an outdoor pool that will give you a whole of sensation of drenching in the harsh wildlife. You must at least once try this, as it is one of the most adventurous things to do in Pangkor Island.

seafood in pangkor island
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6. Savor the true essence of Seafood

The inhabitants of Pangkor Island are few and mostly base their survival on fishing so you would not really have difficulty in finding food, especially one that’s fresh out of the sea. There are some highly recommended places that will offer you good food so it is best to write them down on your list. The honeymooners will especially enjoy a fine night out at the Rock Tiger Resort which is a small hotel amidst the lush green gardens of Pangkor island.

The hotel lets you enjoy a nice candle light dinner with your partner in a pleasant ambience. If you are in the mood for trying some traditional Indian style curry then you should definitely try out this place. Select from a wide range of Indian dishes prepared by a very famous Indian chef. For seafood addicts, Ye Lin Restaurant at Bogak Beach will be the best choice. The restaurant opens in evening hours which is why it is always expected to be house-full, so it advisable for you to make a reservation for having some premium quality seafood.

Finally, if you are fond of western food then you should head to Daddy’s Bay at the north of Coral Bay. Since everyone is not particularly a great fan of seafood, Daddy’s Bay offers its customers a local cuisine with a western touch to it. There are outdoor tables which let you catch glimpses of the mesmerizing landscape, and food and drinks are served here from noon till late evening hours. All in all if you are a food lover and you live for food only then obviously it is one of the most fascinating things to do in Pangkor Island for you.

Hornbill Feeding
Photo Credit: Naomi

7. Hornbill Feeding

Bird watching is a common and rather enjoyable hobby of most people. At Pangkor Island you be amazed to find one of the most remarkably exquisite specie of bird, the hornbills. Hornbill feeding is one activity you should include in your to-do list as Pangkor offers some of the most amazing species of hornbills that will fascinate all the bird watchers out there. These birds are particularly very loud and noisy, but feeding them is truly an experience worth cherishing.

You will have great fun listening to these birds yelling at one another and knocking each other down for that extra bit of food. These spectacular birds love to eat fruits that have been spread out on the feeding stations and the guests can get up close and personal with them almost twice a day at the Pangkor Island Beach. You can spot these intelligent hornbills at other locations as well and snap lovely photos to make it even more memorable.

Ride on a Motorbike pangkor
Photo Credit: Mohd Nurul Amin Adnan

8. Explore the Wilderness through a Ride on a Motorbike

Seeking for some of the adventurous and exciting things to do in Pangkor Island? Then this is it. Again for the action and adventure seekers, motorbike riding is another activity that can be experienced at Pangkor Island. The island is quite small so it would be useless to rent a car. Alternatively you can rent a motor bike and explore the island quite easily. The island is so beautiful, full of scenic beauties and lush greeneries that you might simply want to put aside all other delightful activities and ride on a motorbike with your one true love.

Other people prefer to cycle their way from one place to another. This way you can encounter nature at its best and a very affordable rate of just RM 35.

pangkor island resorts
Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

9. Book a Stay at the most Exquisite Resort

You obviously wouldn’t come to Pangkor Island without making arrangements for staying. For honeymooners who are high on budget, the exclusive and chic Pangkor Laut Resort is just the place you want to be in. Not only can you book a stay here, there are a number of recreational activities for you to benefit from as well.

With its natural and beautiful surroundings your honeymoon on this private isle is bound to be extraordinary. This tropical island is no less than paradise and gives you the joy of romanticizing with your better-half in the midst of the most awe-inspiring views.

An astounding landscape and faultless tailor-made services are the core elements of a perfect wedding celebration and Pangkor Laut Resort has it all. For newly-wed couples who are not that high on budget, Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa and Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort will preferably be better options. Since Malaysia has a particularly tropical climate you can visit Pangkor Island at any time of the year.

sacred rock pangkor

10. Behold your Sight on the Sacred Rock

This sacred rock is known as Batu Bersurat and has quite a history to it. On this huge rock you will witness sketches of a child being mauled by a tiger. If you will go more into depth you will find out that this boy was an offspring of a Dutch dignitary who was playing by the rock but was sadly harassed by a tiger. The tiger seemed to be toying with the little child and the sacred rock is engraved with drawings of it. Batu Bersurat dates back as far as 1743 and is now protected by a roof. The sacred rock has become quite popular in the village life of Pangkor Island and you will observe numerous villages at the rear.

With the availability of such divine cuisines and places of attraction, who wouldn’t want to come to this mesmerizing island? Truly, there are so many things to do in Pangkor Island and hence,it is claimed to be the perfect destination for honeymooners but you can also come abode with your family for having the vacation of a lifetime.

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